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IRD / December 4
International Revolutionary Day

During an early morning police raid on December 4, 1969, Chicago police opened fire on 2337 West Monroe Street (Chairman Fred Hampton Way)  assassinating 21 year old Chairman Fred Hampton and Defense Captain Mark Clark. It was proven that the assassinations were planned and carried out with the involvement of Chicago police, State Attorney Edward Hanrahan, and J. Edgar Hoover of the FBI under a program called COINTELPRO, which specifically targeted The Black Panther Party.  

International Revolutionary Day (IRD) acknowledges these assassinations EVERY YEAR on December 4th internationally.

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Every year on December 4th, people gather at 2237 W. Monroe St /Chairman Fred Hampton Way

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The scene outside 2337 W. Monroe St. in Chicago on  Dec. 4, 1969, where Black Panthers Chairman Fred Hampton and Defense Captain Mark Clark were assassinated. — Ed Smith / Chicago Tribune

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The current location at 2337 W. Monroe.

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